I'm a postdoc at Harvard University working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. My main research interest is searching for physics Beyond the Standard Model primarily in the form of Supersymmetry.

I also have a strong interest in the foundations of quantum mechanics under the Bell-school, interested in so-called Observer-Independent Theories such as Bohmian Mechanics and GRW theory.

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I've created a new project called ColliderScope where music is created such that the waveforms form images of the LHC when piped into a two-channel oscilloscope in XY mode. See for more information.

Together with colleagues, I used to produce a podcast about physics called In Particular. With thousands of listeners, we try to reach the lay audience to portray the lives of physicists in the ATLAS collaboration.

I also started a series of video shorts each focusing on a small topic from high energy physics. These shows can be found at, iTunes, and YouTube.

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In addition to producing all of the music heard in the In Particular family of programs, I am a saxophone player specializing in jazz and, more recently, blues. You can find me performing with the Geneva-based blues band Three Hours Past Midnight as part of the Atomic Horns and with various other groups in the greater Geneva area.


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