I'm working on the CMS Experiment at CERN. My main research interest is searching for physics Beyond the Standard Model primarily in the form of Supersymmetry. My recent work has focused on experimental signatures of BSM physics that could have evaded a decade of LHC searches. These include signatures from new particles with macroscopic lifetimes and all-hadronic final states, among others. I am particularly interested in solutions to the naturalness problem in the Higgs sector.

You can find a short video about a recent search for new physics on twitter by the team who performed the analysis. See an interactive event display from the analysis below. Powered by Phoenix.

Open Interactive Event Display


I've created a project called ColliderScope where music is created such that the waveforms form images of the LHC when piped into a two-channel oscilloscope in XY mode. In addition to a YouTube presence, ColliderScope live performances have taken place at international music festivals, projection art festivals, and a live set from the CERN Control Centre.

Get in touch if you'd like to put together an outreach performance at a local music venue.